DrivePur Sanitizing at Speck Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram

DrivePur Program

Your car may be sparkling clean, but how clean is it… really? Did you know the average steering wheel contains around 9 times as many germs as a public toilet seat? These bacteria and pathogens found in your vehicle can be harmful! We at Speck Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram recommend an important cleaning fix – DrivePur.

What is DrivePur?
DrivePur utilizes the wonders of science! The food-grade safe concentrated formula is fumigated on all surfaces of your vehicle, creating a nano-thin coating containing the power of titanium dioxide on your door handles, radio knobs, steering wheel, and all other points of contact. Titanium dioxide, when paired with the natural sunlight or fluorescent light coming through your vehicle, activated oxygen is formed – similar to photosynthesis. This process decomposes bacteria into harmless water vapor. DrivePur provides 6 months of germ, fungus, and mold protection.

Can I still use DrivePur if my windows are tinted?
The answer is yes! DrivePur formula’s self-cleaning process only needs a very small amount of light to activate.

Speck Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram proudly offers DrivePur’s Beyond Clean Certified Program to safely sanitize and deodorize your car, truck, suv, or van.

Click here to learn more about how DrivePur works.

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