How To Clean Your Engine


We all love having a clean car, but the engine is not something we typically clean during normal car washes. Engine cleaning takes special time and care in order to do the job properly without damaging any components. 


In preparation, you always want to make sure that the weather will be on your side as the engine dries after cleaning. Just like oil inspections, the vehicle’s engine needs to be cooled off - working with a hot engine is dangerous and can lead to injury or mechanical damage.

Person cleaning engine



It’s also important to have a good cleaner/engine degreaser that will get the job done. Brands such as Chevron, Restore, Griot’s, Simple Green (natural degreaser) and more all make these products. Be sure to follow the directions on the bottle carefully.

  1. Start by covering all electrical parts, electronics and wires with plastic to avoid getting these components wet. You can also remove the battery or battery cables, removing the negative cable first to avoid a short in the circuit.

  2. Use a brush to wipe any debris or dirt throughout your engine.

  3. Spray the engine with degreaser thoroughly and with caution to the electrical parts, and scrub it in with a stiff, synthetic-bristle brush to remove any caked on engine grease. Let it soak for at least 5 minutes.

  4. Rinse your engine with a regular, low pressure hose. If you have a nozzle available, set it on a small stream setting. You want to take all precautions to avoid the electrical components! Be sure to also rinse the exterior of your vehicle in case any degreasing product made its way on your paint. 

  5. Dry your engine with an absorbent shop towel or compressed air for all those small areas. Take the plastic off and make sure no electrical components are dry. You can then replace the battery or negative cable. Let your engine area air dry the rest of the way before running your vehicle. 


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