Parked Ram truck with lifting mechanism upfit next to phone pole

Ram has a range of versatile vehicles, with capability to be upfit to meet your needs.
Ram commercial vehicles include the Ram ProMaster, Ram ProMaster City, Ram Chassis Cab, Ram 2500 & 3500, Ram 1500 and Ram 1500 Classic. These Ram vehicles have available upfits from Ram that can make the job easier with Construction Upfits, Telecom Upfits, HVAC Upfits, Plumbing Upfits and more.



Ram vans, like the ProMaster and ProMaster City, have plenty of space. 

The Ram ProMaster City is perfect for efficient commuting and taking your small business on-the-go. It has a maximum cargo volume of 131.7 cubic feet. The cargo area has a length of 7’3”, a height of 4’4”, and width of 5’0”. The Ram ProMaster van is larger, and can take on bigger projects with many upfitting options. The ProMaster van has a maximum cargo volume of 259 cubic feet. It has a cargo length of 8’, height of 5’6”, and width of 6’3”.

 Person loading cargo into back of ProMaster City

Ram trucks can tow what you need. 

Ram trucks are built to get the job done! The Ram Chassis Cab can tow up to 20,490lbs when properly equipped, and with the dual rear wheel options, it can tow up to 25,650lbs. The Ram 2500 can tow between roughly 16,000-20,000 lbs depending on the truck’s gas/diesel engine and equipment. The Ram 3500 can tow between roughly between 18,000 and just over 37,000 lbs with the 6.7L High-Output Cummins Turbo Diesel engine. 

Tow capacities can be different with each vehicle. Please refer to the owner’s manual for towing with your specific Ram commercial vehicle!