Sunnyside Transmission Service

Transmission Service

When your vehicle is in need of transmission service, come to the certified service technicians at your local dealer- Speck Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram of Sunnyside, Washington.

Transmission Flush

Did you know that your transmission fluid is responsible for cooling, cleaning and lubricating the parts inside your transmission.  A transmission flush will clean and reduce friction inside the transmission, reduce the transmission heat, helps improve shifting, clean sludge, and remove harmful deposits.

Other transmission Services

  • transmission seal service: replacement of external seals
  • manual transmission clutch service: inspection of clutch disc, pressure plate, flywheel and replacement of any components needed
  • automatic transmission service: replacement of transmission fluid


  • Why do I feel a transmission delay when going into gear?
    • Sometimes Yakima drivers feel a delay when putting the transmission into gear and the engine engaging. This “delayed engagement” is more common in colder areas, like Yakima and Richland, Washington. A quick fix is to slowly put your foot on the gas when accelerating. It also helps to warm up your vehicle before you start driving it.
  • Why do I have transmission fluid on the ground below my vehicle?
    • If you see a red translucent fluid under your car, it is likely transmission fluid. Finding a leak is hard and best left to the professionals auto technicians at Speck Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram. A transmission leak can be serious and is caused by a a variety of different things.
  • How do I know if my car transmission is slipping out of gear?
    • Is transmission switching gears on its own? Are you experiencing a delay in acceleration  when you hit the gas pedal? These are signs of your car transmission slipping out of gear. This is likely due to low fluid levels or worn out gears, but it is best to have a certified technician provide a diagnosis.
  • Is it bad if my transmission feels like it is jerking?
    • Yes. This means you probably have a clog in the transmission fluid as it moves through your transmission or there could be an even larger underlying issue.

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