Car Brake Replacement and Service

Car Brakes

As your one-stop auto shop, Speck Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram of Sunnyside provides brake replacement and service for all makes and models. Have you been asking yourself “do my brakes need serviced?”. To answer this, we first need to learn how car brakes work.

There are three parts to your brakes: the brake disc or rotor, brake pads, and brake calipers. When you push on your brakes, brake fluid pushes the brakes against the brake rotor surface. The resulting friction causes your vehicle to slow down or stop.

Do I need to get my brakes serviced?

  • If it takes you longer to stop than normal, you should have your brakes serviced.
  • If you hear a weird noise when you apply you brakes, you should have your brakes serviced.
  • If the vehicle pulls more to one side than the other, you should have your brakes serviced.

When I get my brakes replaced, what does that consist of?

  • Typically your brake pads will be replaced since they are important to making our vehicle stop properly. They also absorb the most friction in the braking process, therefor wearing quickly. Regular brake replacement keeps your brake disc or brake rotor lasting longer.
  • Brake fluid needs to be replaced according to your Owner’s Manual recommendations.
  • Over time your brake disc or rotor will wear out and need replaced as well.

  • Why are my brakes making a funny noise?
    • Poor brake pads can cause a grinding noise and are a clear sign your brake pads need replaced.
  • How often should I change my brake fluid?
    • Your owner’s manual will indicate how frequently your brake fluid should be replaced.

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